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The Over-promising of the CBD Miracle

What You Should Know about the Politics Behind the CBD Miracle Claims

The CBD miracle may be a mirage. The push for legalization has been greatly aided by the unfortunate cases of young children with seizure disorders. No one wants to see a child suffer.  Especially the child’s parents. Desperate for  pain relief for  their beloved child, these parents are easily convinced that a yet untested drug may offer hope.

Opportunistic groups like Marijuana Policy Project, Americans for Safe Access, Drug Policy Alliance and NORML make lobbying visits to state legislators and other parents of extremely sick children. They argue that refusal to legalize marijuana is to deny these parents and their child hope. This is one of the most effective strategies they have found to open the minds and prey on the sympathies of our legislators. This is a critical step to advance their drug policy agenda.

Another claim these legalization advocates often make, is that marijuana is a victim-less drug and that it has killed no one.

Yet, a deeper look at both of the above arguments finds that marijuana doesn’t necessarily help the extreme cases of childhood illness and that child patients who have tried medical marijuana have indeed died. See Marijuana Oils Misleading Promises.

Unfortunately, the lawyers and lobbyists for the marijuana industry don’t want the facts to get in their way of opening up more markets and creating more customers.

Parents need the whole truth, though. They have a right to know about the limits of our scientific knowledge about CBD oil and the limits of its effectiveness. They also need to be informed of the possibility it will not save the life of their child. Or even improve it. See Right to Know about CBD.

A Look at the History of this Campaign

In the late 70’s NORML activists joked about their need of the ‘medical’ benefits of marijuana. In this video, you will hear them plotting to push for marijuana as a medicine which they believed (quite rightly) would eventually lead to the right to get full legal access.

Watch the Video

You see, these drug users don’t care a whit about sick children. They are not truly seeking a cure. By the time science catches up to the scam, they plan to have full legalization accomplished. They just want the right to do their drug of choice without the guilt of drug dealers going to jail on their behalf. Or, the stigma of being illicit drug users. Or the danger of having to do a back alley deal with an unsavory character to get their ‘high.’

Pro-Drug Activists Push for Rescheduling

Marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug by the U.S. Government because it has no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. The courts have consistently upheld this designation. See Does the ‘Medical’ in Marijuana Qualify it for Rescheduling?

CBD is being used as a wedge to drive the  legal recreational marijuana agenda forward.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) recently refused to reschedule marijuana.

The drug legalizers know that calling “pot” medical is nothing more than a political gambit. They have always known it. They also are well aware of the negative outcomes of marijuana use but they keep those quiet. Read more: Medical the Strategic Plan for Legalization.

Under its influence, this drug makes people extremely political, according to Dr. Ed Gogek, an addiction expert and author of Marijuana Debunked. He says, “Pot users are relentlessly political. It’s an effect of the drug, not a rational decision.”

Parents of drug abusing children will hear their child rattle off all the arguments of the Pro-pot lobbyists, “But mom, its only marijuana, it’s not addictive, it’s just an herb, it’s harmless, it’s never killed anyone” etc.

Are they parroting the drug dealers or is it the drug itself talking?

CBD Miracle Cure Often Fails to Deliver

True medicine goes through rigorous scientific testing and approval processes. It is packaged in carefully controlled doses, and packaged with labels and package inserts which specify contraindications, side effects, warnings and dosing instructions.

None of the marijuana products being currently sold by state approved dispensaries can say the same. This leaves care giving parents buying ‘snake oil,’ taking chances and performing their own medical experiments on their own child. This should not be. A recent article on Buzz Feed, The Dark Side of Medical Marijuana’s Miracle Drug, tells several such stories and about the disillusionment that follows.

Medical Marijuana in Practice

The Many Deceptions of Medical Marijuana

Irresponsible and unethical doctors in California are making medical marijuana available to all comers not just the chronically ill.  Any health excuse will do, pain, headaches, ebola, you name it.  Your self diagnosis is all that is required to get a medi-pot card.  So, medical marijuana in California creates de facto legalization for those who just want to get high.

As other states legalize the drug, we see medical ‘practices’ springing up just to issue marijuana cards. No appointment necessary says one such practice operating in several states. The company’s website says their doctors do not prescribe marijuana. “Our doctors are trained to evaluate patients and authorize a certification which verifies that a patient may benefit from the use of medical marijuana.”

Slick Marketing Causes Consumer Confusion

Consumers think medical marijuana is a real thing, but are often confused about what is marijuana for medicinal purposes. It is the CBD oil only? Or is it marijuana in all forms? In theory, medical marijuana should not get you high. In practice, all forms of marijuana, smoked, psychoactive, hallucinogenic, high THC, high CBD, edibles in the form of candy, pizza, sodas are ALL being touted for their healing power and often portrayed as being  for any and all ailments. See the website of a typical California marijuana dispensary.

If the hype were to be believed, cannabis cures cancer, keeps epilepsy at bay, and makes PTSD go away. One stop shopping for all sick people. Very convenient indeed for these profiteers.

Medical Marijuana is not a shot of green. Instead it is a scam.

Aggressive Marketing & Druggies on Staff

Dispensaries are giving free samples to promote new products, to encourage larger orders or as a thank you for referring a new ‘customer.’ Payment is taken in the form of cash because banking laws prevent these businesses from depositing their proceeds. Some dispensaries are even operating as nonprofits, and the product is traded for “donations.”

An undercover activist visited 20 pot shops in the Western U.S. (otherwise known as dispensaries, a more ‘medical’ sounding term) and was shocked to discover drug users behind the counter selling the drugs. The only requirement is that the staff be 21 years of age or older. These stores require no medical training of their staff, they apparently give no warnings about addiction or side effects of these drugs. Well known side effects of marijuana include but are not limited to: risk of addiction/dependence, paranoia, depression, psychosis, hallucinations. Read Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Investigated.

Higher Potency and Higher Highs

Marijuana effects do plateau after long term use. For those who use medical need as their excuse to get high (or ostensibly for the super ill), the industry sells concentrates, which go by the names of kief, hash and hash oil, BHO, wax, budder, shatter. These can be upwards of 70- 90% THC. So this is potent medicine, where the patient is choosing their own dosage with no medical supervision. This is all available in the typical dispensary or online retailer as over the counter ‘meds’.

Does this Sound Like Medicine?

Catchy names for smoking marijuana, like “Gorilla Glue,” “Super Lemon Haze,” “White Widow,” “SinMint Cookies,” “3X Crazy,” “Madman OG,” are among the medical marijuana product offerings.

Edible marijuana sports names like: “Cheeba Chews,” “Kurupt’s Moonwalk Syrup,” “WeEdibles’ Medicated Teas,.  Other edible offerings look like the classic candy shop treats which tempt small children. They are on the medical cannabis “menus” with generic candy names like sour drops, rainbow worms, sour apple drops and lemon drops.

In Ohio last weekend, someone threw bags of edible marijuana candy to concert goers. Two dozen people were sickened. Here is a cautionary story in USA Today, Edible Marijuana Packs a Wallop.

Abuses of Medi-pot are Going Unchecked

Other edible products include popcorn, pizza, brownies, even the common honey bear shaped bottle containing honey laced with cannabis. All of which appeal to very young children and adolescents.

Vaporizers or vape pens sold by dispensaries are a way to consume marijuana unbeknownst to employers, parents or the general public, because the concentrated THC oils used to fill them are odorless and undetectable by smell. One can only imagine the aid to the student who wants to smoke on the playground and return to class zoned out or the construction worker trying to maintain his high on the job. God forbid an airline pilot decides to avail himself of this sneaky form of ‘medicine!’

Cannabis Scofflaws Skirting the Law

From one online website: “Medical Marijuana shipped to your door, no medical card needed, it doesn’t matter if medical marijuana is legal in your state or not…Stealth double vacuum sealed shipping… We make packages that blend in with the rest of the mail… A number of different anonymous cash payments offered.”

Sounds a little sketchy, doesn’t it? Other websites warn of online scams that look like marijuana stores, and caution against ever buying pot through online classifieds.

What Do the Doctors Say?

Physicians associations are firmly on the side of prevention activists when it comes to marijuana as medicine. First, the American College of Pediatricians issued a position statement in September 2015, Marijuana Use Detrimental to Youth.

“Marijuana is addicting, has adverse effects upon the adolescent brain, is a risk for both cardio-respiratory disease and testicular cancer, and is associated with both psychiatric illness and negative social outcomes. Evidence indicates limited legalization of marijuana has already raised rates of unintended marijuana exposure among young children, and may increase adolescent use.”—American College of Pediatricians

The American Medical Association (AMA) takes a similar stand. In an article, Problems with the Medicalization of Marijuana the AMA says “the current system for dispensing marijuana does not safeguard adequately against the potential for diversion and abuse.” The article also says “Evidence supporting its efficacy varies substantially and in general falls short of the standards required for approval of other drugs by the US Food and Drug Administration.”

Marijuana and Adolescents Educational TV Show

Dr. Lynn Fox, an author of 11 books on drug education and prevention presents the facts about marijuana in this two part TV show.


Dr. Lynn Fox
C. Lynn Fox, Ph.D. is an expert in the areas of drug awareness & prevention, adolescent development, classroom management, self-esteem enhancement, and Special Education. She has trained over 200,000 K-12 teachers in the past 30 years. June 7th, 2016 her 1/2 TV SPECIAL, Marijuana and Adolescents, will air in the Bay Area and available on YOUTUBE now.

Dr. Fox has authored & coauthored 11 books, including a TEXTBOOK with Dr. Shirley Forbing for HarperCollins entitled: Creating Drug Free Schools and Communities: A Comprehensive Approach.
Visit Dr. Lynn Fox’s website, Contact Lynn or PO Box 862, Tiburon, CA 94920.

California Medical Association Throws in the Towel to Legalizing Pot

Can California Doctors Avoid Responsibility for Medical Marijuana Abuses?Poison Medicine-600x655

Last week the California Medical Association, a lobbying group representing more than 40,000 members statewide, officially threw its support behind a proposed November ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana.  Around the same time, Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois vetoed 8 new conditions for medical marijuana under that state’s experimental program which started in November.   Illinois, in contrast to California, requires the patient and the physician to have a bona fide physician-patient relationship. It also requires record keeping, which California does not require for “medical” pot.  (Illinois’ medical marijuana industry is worried because only 4,000 patients have been approved.)

Why would the California Medical Association (CMA) support something that every other state and national medical group opposes?  In a statement released by the California  legalization campaign, the CMA stressed they do not encourage marijuana use and discourage smoking.   They gave two reasons.  First, under a legal market, cannabis could be monitored, researched, regulated and mitigated to protect the public health.  Secondly, improper diversion by healthy patients into the medical marijuana system could be reduced. The second condition gives a hint at how poorly medical marijuana in California really works, contrary to the way for which it was intended.

Citizens Against the Legalization of Marijuana Responds

Three citizens’ groups have introduced The Safe and Drug Free Communities Act, now called the MEDICAL MARIJUANA. INITIATIVE STATUTE, to roll back the widespread abuses created by California’s medical marijuana program.  Scott Chipman is co-chairman of Californians Against the Legalization of Marijuana (CALM) and a sponsor of the Safe and Drug-Free Communities Act.  Chipman explained how he sees the position of the CMA:  “This is passing the buck for their own convenience and ignoring their primary responsibilities – first, ‘to do no harm’ and also to educate patients regarding sound health care practices.”

“Less than half of California doctors belong to the CMA.  This endorsement of a just-to-get-high marijuana initiative is more of a union leadership ideology… not a medical, public safety position and  not likely supported by the membership generally.

“Ironically, one of the biggest problems contributing to the back-door legalization is the medical malpractice of issuing of marijuana recommendations for any ailment with no examination by doctors who are accomplices in criminal drug dealing.

“I have 3 pot recommendations and have never seen a doctor for any of the recommendations.

“We need doctors to help close down the back door legalization drug dealing that is occurring in California, not give into it.  Nearly every major medical association, including American Medical Association, have taken positions against legalization as well as using botanical marijuana inappropriately for medical purposes.”

The approved medical conditions in California are limitless and anyone age 18 and over can get a card.   Today tens of thousands of 18-20-year-olds in California are getting recreational pot this way.  Legalization will not stop this problem, and in fact will intensify the problem by making it more available to younger children.   The Safe and Drug Free Communities Act would roll back on medical marijuana, limit it to one state grow site and keep it in the hands of county health departments.

Just last week, the American College of Physicians issued a report in the rise in marijuana-related hospital admissions.   A hospital in Olympia, Washington, where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes, reported 1-2 cases of emergency treatment for marijuana-induced psychosis each day.  A cynical view would see this move by California’s physician lobbying arm as the desire to have more people in need of physicians’ services, particularly for the psychiatrists.Poison Medicine-600x655

Rescheduling Marijuana to Get More Research?

When asked about the rescheduling of marijuana for research, Chipman explained:  “Scheduling of marijuana as a schedule I drug is not precluding studies.  There have been at least 12,000 studies. Some of those studies were suspended after exposing participants to harm.”  Major court decisions have come down against the rescheduling of marijuana, and President Obama made it clear that loosening restrictions on marijuana is not on his agenda for this year.

While some physicians’ groups support the rescheduling of marijuana, basically all national physicians’ groups are opposed to marijuana legalization.   Many of these groups are very skeptical of  “medical” marijuana.

Unfortunately, recent action in the California state legislature suggests that politicians listen to the marijuana industry more than they care about the will of the people and local jurisdictions.